What is the Digital Centre?

A data centre evolution
for APAC and beyond

The Digital Centre is an interconnected, always-on, digital ecosystem. Its infrastructure goes far beyond a traditional data centre, offering superfast connectivity, seamless interoperability, with baked-in agility and scalability. Fuelled by the demands of Industry 4.0, the Digital Centre provides everything businesses, industries and economies need to succeed in the next-generation era.

This is the vision – www.digitalcentre.technology exists to make that vision a reality with:

Cloud and Managed Service Providers | Internet Exchanges | CDN and SDN Providers | Systems Integrators | Data Centre Services | Cloud Associations


The Digital Centre is the next generation of data centre

Running on one fibre-optic network, up to 10Gbps

Hyperfast connectivity redefined. A powerful network that handles the demands of today’s high-bandwidth and resource-heavy applications. Delivers instant responses, develops real-time strategies – always ahead of the competition.



Direct connections between servers — bypassing the internet

Unprecedented levels of security for minimising threats and maximising peace of mind. Dedicated provisioning for carrying, storing and securing classified and confidential data. Designed to meet regulatory, governance and compliance requirements.

The ability to create digital ecosystems, individually or in partnership

Provides full control and agility over environments. Boosts convergence and delivers business-critical solutions for greater interdependency and efficiency. Offers superior scalability, advanced agility, and hassle-free resource monitoring.



Real-time solutions for machine learning, Big Data, predictive analytics

A Digital Centre provides future-proofed foundations for capitalising on the latest technologies and staying ahead of the innovation curve. Customised for businesses in all industries and regions. Reduces costs and increases performance at every node.

In-house connectivity for advanced API collaboration

Boosts innovation and streamlines processes, for building better together. Equips developers with the environments they need to create, grow and succeed. All within the same area, via a DLR connectivity-enabled market.


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