The State of the Australian Data Centre

In this report Digital Realty explore how to implement successful data management and storage strategies. 

As businesses contend with increasing data volumes, there are growing concerns surrounding data use and effective cloud storage solutions. In this report Digital Realty surveyed 200+ Australian IT leaders uncovering key challenges facing their organisation.

Read to uncover the state of play for Australia’s Data Centres and how your business can implement successful data management and storage strategies.

Key insights

Complex Cloud Environment

The rapid increase in data volumes is amplifying the need for effective storage cloud solutions with IT leaders concerned about managing the increased quantities of data.


Boardroom Buy-In

There is a lack of clarity over ownership and responsibility around data management creating a failure to outline effective data strategies.

Data Security

A continuous challenge for Australian businesses, IT leaders grapple with maintaining high levels of accountability whilst meeting regulatory requirements and meeting customer demands.

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