Schneider Electric’s FSI Insight Report 2020

In Asia-Pacific’s Financial Services Industry, innovation abounds, competition is thriving, and growth is dynamic. In this exclusive report from Schneider Electric, discover the challenges and benefits of adopting edge computing to meet evolving customer demands.

The Asia Pacific Financial Services industry is one of the most exciting markets globally. This is in part due to the market’s understanding that in order to strengthen overall customer experiences and meet customers’ increasing demands and expectations, they must leverage powerful digital technologies like edge computing.

Edge computing is one of the most promising tech innovations in the Financial Services industry today and is fast becoming a mission-critical infrastructure. Its potential to combine with other technologies, such as AI, cloud, and 5G networking, across many banking use cases makes it a future-proof solution for banks in the Asia Pacific region – and further afield.

Promising added security, reduced latency, increased innovation and lower costs, it comes as no surprise that 63% of Asia Pacific FSI organisations have adopted the power of edge. But while there are many benefits, there are also a number of challenges that come with edge adoption. In order to examine how FSI organisations are approaching edge computing, Tech Research Asia surveyed 176 FSI executives and IT decision makers in 2020 and conducted deep dive interviews with five organisations in the region.

In Schneider Electric’s FSI Insight Report 2020, discover the challenges and benefits that come with adopting edge computing in FSI and learn how your organisation can harness the power of edge today.

What you’ll learn:

The challenges facing edge computing deployment in FSI

From cyber security, regulation, to 24/7 service expectation – discover the challenges of edge adoption.

Embarking with edge from here

Consider these 5 practical steps when embarking on your edge journey.

Key use cases

Explore some of the key use cases driving edge adoption in Financial Services Industries.

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