The network API revolution

Transforming, innovating, and creating new competitive advantages

Legacy models and traditional methods of provisioning network capacity are rapidly become obsolete. The emergence of Network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and programmability is creating the foundation for faster, more agile and friction-free networking models. This white paper is for vendors of network services, their partners and customers who want to greater understand the potential of network APIs.

Key insights

The next network transformation

Explore why APIs are transforming networking now, fuelled by operational efficiencies, automation and SDN environments.

Creating an API-first strategy

How network-centric businesses should approach transforming network APIs for new levels of automation, integration and access to global destinations.

Powering platforms with federated APIs

Discover a way to connect islands of network services through seamless SDN interconnections, as well as facilitating and automating access to Cloud Service Providers and Internet exchanges.

Building a new ecosystem

Gain insight into how the network API economy works in practice. See how Digital Centre’s Epsilon can enable orchestrated data centre interconnectivity, and direct connect solutions to multiple locations and interconnect partners.

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