Picking the right data replication tools ensures optimal business continuity

Quick Tips: Picking the Right Data Replication Tools Ensures Optimal Business Continuity

The power of data is mighty. It runs your processes, your customers and your business. And failing to protect it from loss or theft could cripple your organization. Fortunately, an effective business continuity plan that includes data replication gives your business the best chance of surviving challenging downtime events.

These Quick Tips from Navisite will help you understand data replication best practices and how to integrate them as a discipline in your business continuity plan.

Download the full paper to learn how Navisite’s tips including:

  • DISSATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Preparing for downtime
  • BACKUPS ALONE CAN’T GET YOU BACK UP: 75% of businesses still don’t have a data recovery plan
  • NOTHING LOST, EVERYTHING GAINED: Cloud-based replication & recovery
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY IN A FEW CLICKS: Recovering from an event quickly
  • RESILIENCY AND RECOVERY FIRST: IT resilience and speed of recovery
  • TESTING 1-2-3: Moving seamlessly from downtime to failover during any emergency

Quick tips

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