The Digital Transformation Advantage

Why connectivity is the foundation for digital success

Digital transformation isn’t just another enterprise technology trend—it’s a whole new way of solving problems that have plagued businesses for decades.
Those that are embracing and driving digital transformation are solving their challenges faster and gaining a whole host of capabilities that set them apart from their competitors.
IDC predicts that total spending on digital transformation technologies in 2018 will top $1.3 trillion, and over 40 percent of companies report having a dedicated digital transformation team in place. This report from Megaport is for organisations looking to embrace a digital transformation strategy.

Key insights

What is Digital Transformation?

In the vast majority of its forms, digital transformation is all about connections

Moving data to the public, private or hybrid cloud

Traditional connectivity vs new connectivity

Understanding your connectivity options

When planning your digital transformation, and specifically looking at connecting to cloud providers and their solutions, you have a few main options for connectivity

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