How will the data centre evolve by 2020 and beyond?

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This report is critical reading for any professional working in the data centre industry.

It gives a glimpse into the next-generation data centre, as envisioned by those at the forefront. There’s high-level insight into future industry drivers, client expectations, and infrastructure provisioning. Plus revealing thoughts into how data centres have moved beyond traditional discussions of power, cooling and size.

After contacting 1,000+ senior executives in IT and data centre roles for their feedback, the findings include:

  • What will the data centre look like in 2020? (page 3) – From cloud to modular, take a look inside the future data centre
  • Preferred development and infrastructure models (page 4) – Discover why the future will be primarily agile with DevOps
  • What will have the biggest impact on data centres by 2020? (page 6) – Explore the role of connectivity, security and data
  • Data: What are the challenges? (page 8) – Respondents choose their top 3
  • What will be the “as a Service” of the future? (page 10) – Take a journey beyond the 4-walled data centre
  • Data centre budgets (page 11) – Respondents share how their allocated spend has changed over the past 12 months

Discover the future data centre

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