Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2018

Leading the global data centre industry in sustainable environmental performance

The world is increasingly leveraging the economic and social value of being connected via the global digital marketplace. Digital Realty’s data centers are home to the physical infrastructure that powers this transformation. This report comes from their awareness of how operating and expanding their business consumes finite resources such as energy, water and raw materials, and how they are committed to delivering solutions that improve environmental performance.

Key insights

Clean energy

Digital Realty sourced renewable energy to meet 30% of its global electricity needs in 2018, totaling over 1.9 million megawatt-hours

Resource conservation

Digital Realty continues to fund and explore initiatives to use resources responsibly, including the electricity used to power data centers and the water used to cool them

Strong governance and employee engagement

In 2018, Digital Realty launched the Women’s Leadership Forum and the Do Better Together program to strengthen engagement with employees and local communities.

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