Digital Capitals Sydney Report

Featuring a deep dive into one of the regions leading today’s digital charge, this exclusive report assesses the current and potential economic value that innovative data-led technologies will bring Sydney over the next decade

The creation and sharing of data is central to both economic and social activity. However, in recent decades, the rate at which data is created, stored and used has soared, in part stimulated by new or evolving data-intensive technologies.

Currently ranked 14th among the world’s pre-eminent digital capitals, Sydney is a major hub for the ‘data economy’. The city possesses some of the world’s richest digital skills resources, research and development assets, and digital and supporting infrastructures making it a focal point for new technology development.

As a leading digital capital, what can we expect from the city’s growth over the next decade as a result of data-intensive, interconnected technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain and 5G?

In this exclusive eBook, explore the status of Sydney as one of the world’s digital capitals, assess the city’s future contribution to the data economy and discover what opportunities this opens up for businesses.

Key takeaways

Main Drivers in Data Generation

Find out what has led to the proliferation of connected devices and sensors in both businesses and households

Value of AI, IoT, Blockchain & 5G to the Sydney Economy: 2024

Discover how the annual value of Sydney’s economy is expected to grow   

Opportunities for Businesses

Ways businesses can benefit from, and help increase, the 4 technologies predicted contribution by 2029

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