Data Gravity Index

Based on extensive research and more than a dozen third-party data sources, this exclusive report examines the explosion of enterprise data growth globally – and its implications.

By 2025, 80% of data worldwide will reside in enterprises. This will be driven by the emergence of the most recent data megatrend: the explosion of enterprise data growth. In order to examine this more closely, Digital Realty has developed a patent-pending formula to measure, quantify and determine the implications of the surge on enterprise architecture.

Based on the analysis of thousands of attributes of Global 2000 Enterprise companies’ presences in each metro – along with variables including GDP, population, number of employees, technographics, IT spend, average bandwidth and latency, as well as flows of data – this report seeks to facilitate industry dialogue and assist enterprise and service providers as they shift their infrastructure strategy to address this emerging megatrend.

In this exclusive Data Gravity Index Report, discover how data gravity is being measured and quantified for the Global 2000 Enterprises, and gain access to global Index forecasts through to 2024.

Key Takeaways:

Data Gravity Index Formula

Discover the formula used to measure the creation, aggregation, and private exchange of enterprise data globally

Macro Trends Amplifying Data Gravity

Uncover the WHAT, WHY and HOW underpinning the explosion of Data Gravity

Global, Regional and Metro Forecasts

Find out which 6 metros have the highest CAGR – plus more forecast highlights!

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