The Data Centre & Colocation Market 2021 Trends Your Digital Strategy Needs

The colocation and data centre industry has undergone rapid shifts in both the vendor landscape and the ways customers consume services. This new report shines a light on the latest trends…

In this new report from leading analysts Forrester, discover the five major themes we’re seeing in the colocation market in 2021 and beyond. You’ll identify the key areas infrastructure and operations professionals are focusing on to deliver for customers and vendors – both now and in the future.

Key takeaways from the report include the revelation that colocation providers have become far more than mere infrastructure providers. Instead of turnkey hosting services, they have evolved into partners of digital transformation. These providers now differentiate themselves through services that offer neutral marketplaces and aid consumers in exploiting cost benefits.

In other areas, you’ll learn about the sustainability, edge computing and interconnection trends fuelling change within the field. Specifically, you’ll see how sustainability and green energy procurement efforts have come to the fore in the data centre industry.

Download the full report now to learn more about these mission-critical trends and more, including the impact of data gravity on decision making, the increase in specialised workloads and services, and the new importance on interconnection within colocation initiatives.

You’ll learn:

Critical Trends within Colocation, Identified by Forrester

These are the vital data centre and colocation market trends affecting the industry in 2021 and beyond. Unlock the insights to take advantage of major new developments.

Mergers & Acquisitions Consolidating the Market – What Does It Mean?

The data centre industry has been moving toward larger facilities that optimise scales, sustainability, price, ecosystems and interconnection. Now, M&A activities are changing the landscape again. Learn what it means for your industry, right here.

Clues for Your Digital Strategy Going Forwards

The macro trends within this report help define an appropriate and successful form for your ongoing digital strategy. Download your copy to future-proof your organisation within the colocation space today.

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