7 steps to developing a cloud security plan

A proven process and checklist for enterprise security, compliance, and IT professionals

This framework gives you everything you need to craft a successful cloud computing security plan.

It defines 7 steps, tested and refined through Navisite’s experiences helping hundreds of companies secure enterprise resources according to best practices. Get your complimentary copy and discover how to:

  • Review your business goals
    Find out how to quickly and easily identify the goals that matter – from technologies to processes to people
  • Maintain a risk management program
    Explore what’s involved in successfully identifying and reducing the risk from introducing new products, while supporting long-term business strategies
  • Create a security plan that supports your business goals
    Get a step-by-step guide to what needs to be included in your goals, based on a growing IT company use case
  • Establish corporate-wide support and alignment
    Learn how to balance security restrictions with making deployment easy for your organisation
  • Create security policies, procedures and standards
    Discover why you don’t need to start from scratch when developing guidelines for keeping your organisation’s data safe
  • Audit and review
    Advice for implementing an audit cycle that ensures ongoing compliance and reassurance to customers
  • Promote continous improvement
    Examine the relationship between evolving technology and the need to support a mobile workforce, with the ability to meet audit requirements

Explore the 7-step framework

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