After Coronavirus: How remote working will transform the way the world does business

Featuring insights from our Steering Committee, this exclusive report looks at the transformative effect of remote working during the pandemic and how this will shape our digital future. 

Alibaba’s collaboration app DingTalk rose to the top of the Chinese App Store charts this March with the number of users surging to 200 million on the first day of employees being home. As businesses adopt new digital practices, utilising conference and monitoring tools to manage remote work, is this the new normal?

In this eBook, we’re exploring how data centres, suppliers and government are enabling the transformation to remote working amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key insights

Changing Workplace Culture

Discover how CIOs across the APAC region can leverage cloud computing to enable connectivity that supports their employees’ remote access.

Essential Infrastructure

Uncover why data centres will be essential in assisting businesses during this crisis, supporting them to maintain network performance for consumers and ensure business continuity.

Embracing the New Normal 

What happens after the pandemic? With employers now embracing more flexible options, we explore whether this shift in culture will become a more permanent measure.

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