Into interconnection: Future forecasts for data centre leaders

2019 in focus: This year’s interconnection trends

As enterprise businesses change how they think about and handle cloud connections, these trends are playing out in the ways organisations are using services. Cloud connections are on the rise: in January 2019, 64% of connections on Megaport‘s network were between businesses and cloud services – a significant increase from 51% last year.

View this guide for a predictive look at 7 technology trends for 2019. Discover how they might affect the world of business interconnectivity. And find out which technologies are ready to make their mark on the wider world of enterprise connectivity.

Key insights

Hybrid cloud and connectivity

Explore the rise in demand for a singular end-to-end offering helping businesses work with hybrid cloud. And find out how this will impact average port speeds and reliability requirements.

The rise and rise of multicloud

See why IT leaders will need to learn how to manage – and connect to – a multicloud infrastructure that aligns with their strategies.

3 key considerations for edge computing

Companies across various verticals are increasingly building complex global networks that involve the use of global services. Explore the rise in processing, storage, and analysis being completed at the edge of the network – rather than at centralised data centres.

Hyperconverged infrastructure breaking through

Dive into the rise of hybrid and multicloud, which has triggered a major shift in how IT and network teams operate. See how this has helped push hyperconverged infrastructure further into the mainstream, as businesses seek out new ways of accessing, assembling, and paying for their on-premises infrastructure.

AI in the data centre

Explore predictions around the rollouts of more sophisticated AI-enabled technologies, such as improved voice control, smart retail recommendations, edge computing, and IoT.

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