Digital Realty Powers on Third Data Centre in Singapore as Demand Surges in 2021

This article was first published on Author: Mark Smith, Managing Director – Asia Pacific at Digital Realty

2020 was no doubt a year of unparalleled digitalization. Data centres and the Internet writ large has come to the fore as the central nervous system of the digital economy. This accelerated shift is set to continue in 2021 and beyond as businesses across the Asia Pacific prioritize investing in digital business models and long-term resilience.
Given the strong demand for data centres, we are pleased to open our 3rd data centre in Singapore, Digital Loyang II or SIN12, a 50-Megawatt facility in Loyang (our 13th data centre in Asia Pacific). SIN12 as our newest data centre in Singapore will serve as a gateway for our customers to strengthen their connection regionally and around the world.

The Asia Pacific poised to be data powerhouse

APAC is a key market for Digital Realty due to its potential as a data hub. Our Data Gravity Index has shown that the region is poised to become a prominent enterprise data powerhouse with the highest CAGR at 153% by 2024 with four APAC cities among the top six fastest growing metros. According to Structure Research’s Asia-Pacific Internet Infrastructure Review 4Q20 Report, APAC’s data centre market is already the largest market in the world and is expected to grow at 13.7% CAGR over the next five years.

Our decision to open another data centre in Singapore was rather straightforward. The country’s political stability, strong network infrastructure, conducive business environment and highly skilled talent make it an ideal business location. Our Data Gravity Index saw Singapore ranked as the second fastest growing metro globally. Singapore is also ranked fifth amongst the top ten data centre markets globally.

As a global leader in development and adoption of emerging technologies, Singapore is a well-established financial and business hub. Despite being a relatively small nation, it is known for its extensive global network by providing rich gateways for global enterprises to connect throughout the world.

Exciting features of SIN12

Digital Realty is launching PlatformDIGITAL and colocation services at SIN12. PlatformDIGITAL is Digital Realty’s global data centre platform to host critical infrastructure and interconnect digital ecosystems targeting the enterprise.

With SIN12, enterprise customers in APAC will soon be given new ways to connect, extend their reach and find new business opportunities by accessing our industry leading and interconnected global data centre platform. SIN12 customers will have access to a fully carrier neutral environment consisting of a wide range of telecommunications providers, service providers and business partners. The data centre will connect SIN12 and Digital Loyang I (SIN11), and Digital Jurong Data Centre (SIN10) via high-speed fibres to allow customers and partners to subscribe to PlatformDIGITAL services. Enterprise customers will be able to enjoy colocation services and scale their critical infrastructure on-demand -— one cabinet to multiple MW—with optimal proximity to carriers, networks and cloud service providers.

Sustainability is at the heart of the design and construction of the new SIN12 data centre. We are proud to say that it will be among the most sustainable data centres in the region with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25, achieving Green Mark Platinum issued by the local authority. The efficient cooling system design also aims to minimize evaporation losses, thereby improving the water-use efficiency (WUE). SIN12 will also look to equip Turbine Generators (TG) with multiple added environmental benefits such as lower noise emission and better space efficiency, as well as the solar ready roof for energy replacement.

SIN12 will adopt “Secure by Design” principles, offering customers a risk-reduced location that is ready to meet the increasing demand for reliable and secure infrastructure.

The integral role of data centres in 2021 and beyond

We have fundamentally changed how we live, work, communicate and play. Businesses must urgently build and enhance digital business models and further invest in digital infrastructure as a critical part of their business plans going forward. The digital economy is set to grow at an exponential rate and data centres are the backbone of this burgeoning economy.

Digital Realty is committed to work with customers and partners in Singapore and other markets across the Asia Pacific to propel their digital transformation plans for a more interconnected future. At the same time, sustainability would be a key priority in the region, going forward. As a company, we are committed to bring our emissions in-line with a significantly 1.5-degree climate change scenario by 2030.

Digital Realty operates and is developing a network of industry leading data centres in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Melbourne and Sydney.

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