Episode 12: Data Centre Growth & Emerging APAC Markets for 2021

With Digital Realty's Omer Wilson & Mark Smith

Data Centre 4.0: The future of the digital ecosystem
Episode 12: Data Centre Growth & Emerging APAC Markets for 2021

In the final 2020 instalment of the Digital Centre podcast, the tables are turned as Digital Realty’s very own Mark Smith (MD, Asia-Pacific Region) and Omer Wilson (VP of Marketing, APAC) discuss what the events of this year has meant for the digital and data centre sector globally, and emerging trends for 2021.

Mark and Omer touch on key events and successes over the year, including their proactive response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the strong demand for data centres throughout the APAC region.

They also explore how the global pandemic has taken the usage of digital services to a new level – and what this means for the future of APAC data centres.

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Data Centre 4.0: The future of the Digital Ecosystem

In this podcast series from Digital Centre, Data Centre Leader expert and APAC-based Marketer, Omer Wilson will be in conversation with Technology and Industry Experts on the future of the data centre.

Today’s tech-fuelled transformation era is putting traditional data centres under unprecedented pressure. This pressure is coming from businesses, users and consumers – from every physical, virtual and cloud-centric angle. What does the future hold for the data centre?

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