First Deployment of Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL with Productised Colocation in APAC

In February 2020, renowned data centre, colocation and interconnection strategies provider Digital Realty unveiled an innovative data centre platform – known as PlatformDIGITAL –at its Digital Osaka 2 (KIX11) facility in Japan.

Boasting an array of productised colocation capabilities, PlatformDIGITAL enables Digital Realty customers around the world to deploy IT infrastructure at the centres of data exchange, bringing users, things, applications, clouds and networks to the data. The move marks an important step forwards for Digital Realty and the APAC region in general…

What Does PlatformDIGITAL Mean for APAC?

Digital Realty’s expansion in Japan means that it is now able to offer customers access to its full partner community in an industry leading carrier-neutral facility with multiple carriers on site. The facility and solution also feature Secured by Design principles, which helps to meet the growing demand for highly secure and reliable infrastructure.

It is the first such expansion for Digital Realty – Digital Centre’s leading steering committee member – within APAC, but it is an impressive first leap. The data digital colocation service in particular boasts:

  • One 1000kW colocation data hall
  • Precision air-cooling system to support high density deployments
  • Diverse and redundant 77kV 50MVA utility power supplies
  • Carrier-neutral facility with multiple direct connectivity options on site
  • Complete access to the Digital Realty community of carriers, cloud and content providers

Combined, this delivers an environment that enables the high-density mounting and flexible power expansion for each rack that is necessary for building a supercomputer infrastructure.

Even though PlatformDIGITAL has only just launched, it is already attracting customers within APAC looking to standardise the quality and safety of their global services.

XTREME-D – PlatformDIGITAL’s First Customer

At the launch event for PlatformDIGITAL and Colocation Solutions in Japan, Digital Realty also announced the acquisition of its first customer: XTREME-D, a pioneering Japanese Supercomputing-on-Demand company and Digital Centre steering committee member.

The award-winning HPC cloud company is utilising Digital Osaka 2’s 10kW racks to host its flagship product, XTREME-Stargate. The product is remarkably efficient, allowing users to load HPC clusters in a short time frame and its unique HPC cloud platform means users can process containerised HPC and AI workloads immediately.

Digital Realty brings flexibility and a stable environment that will help XTREME-D to meet its global strategic goals. XTREME-D’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Naoki Shibata, had this to say of the new endeavour:

“At XTREME-D, it is our mission to make high performance cloud computing access easy, fast, efficient, and economical for every customer. With their secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure offerings, Digital Realty is a trusted partner that will help us deliver on our mission.”

Mr Yohei Ito, CMO, Corporate Planning & Business Development at MC Digital Realty Co., Ltd., was also thrilled at the new collaboration:

“We are very excited to see XTREME-D’s industry-leading supercomputer technology as a service running in our Osaka data centre. We have configured our data centres as ‘connected campuses’, and we are grateful to XTREME-D for choosing our facilities as the platform that will support their future digital growth.”

Developing Industry-Leading HPC Services in APAC

By working together, XTREME-D and Digital Realty aim to offer first of its kind data centre and HPC supercomputing shared services within APAC. The partnership means enterprises throughout the APAC region will soon benefit from PlatformDIGITAL and Colocation Solutions and be able to deliver standardised quality and safety across their global services.

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