Asia-Pacific: The world’s digital centre

The coming years will see unprecedented levels of data-related activity across APAC. Naturally, in such a diverse region, some countries are ahead of others. However, with such a large population increasingly getting online, it’s clear there are huge opportunities to transform infrastructure, communication, and ways of doing business. Below you can explore why the transformation of the data centre – into a digital centre – is such a necessity for companies, industries and countries to succeed.

Data centre to digital centre

Singapore is the destination for Facebook’s new data centre. The internet giant is investing S$1.4 billion in a region showing some of the fastest audience growth (13.4% – almost double worldwide gains).

Facebook’s data centre will join Google’s third data centre, set to come online in 2020.

Singapore was placed top of Cushman & Wakefield’s, Data Center Risk Index for its market robustness. Analysts cited “strong network infrastructure, diverse connectivity to major APAC markets, its pro-business environment and political stability”.

Asia Pacific leads the 5G charge

Asia Pacific will invest over $200 billion and have 60% of the world’s 5G coverage by 2025.

The 5G network offers high connectivity (speeds up to 20Gbps) and low latency (as low as 1 millisecond) – making it ideal for IoT (APAC is ‘the geographic region with the most IoT spending in 2018 – $312 billion’). From a population perspective, 5G offers a far higher connection density – up to 1 million connected devices per 0.38 square miles, compared to 4G’s 2,000 connected devices.

By 2021, North America will generate the most cloud traffic (7.7 ZB annually), closely followed by Asia Pacific (6.4 ZB annually) and Western Europe (3.3 ZB annually).

Key players

Founding Digital Centre Steering Committee member Digital Realty is opening their 5th data centre in Australia. The 7,000-square-metre facility will provide up to 17.4 megawatts of power capacity across Australia and internationally. Australia has the world’s fifth-highest rate of fintech adoption and is responsible for 4% of the world’s global data centre market.

Fellow Steering Committee member Equinix is identified as a ‘key vendor in the data centre market in south-east Asia’ by Technavio. The market analysts expect sustained growth in the region – 14% every year until 2021.

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