De-Risking and Enabling Critical Data Exchange Across Asia during COVID-19

The Strategic Rationale

The COVID-19 outbreak is the most serious global public health emergency in recorded human history with multiple unprecedented events happening simultaneously. The Chinese government has enforced quarantine measures on roughly 700 million people throughout the country. While enforcement has been varied and uneven, these measures have been broadly credited with the current substantial reductions in the numbers of new cases on the Mainland. However, these current population-based measures will have to be relaxed in order to minimize further systems-level economic and social disruption. It is inevitable that several hundred million people will return to normalized mobility patterns over a relatively short time period in China.

As China relaxes its border controls, it is inevitable that other key countries across the Asia-Pacific region will also follow suit, thereby posing a range of challenges around second wave COVID-19 outbreaks that represent direct and often unique challenges to the region – Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia are at particularly high risk. Fortunately, these aforementioned countries are also home to some of the most advanced biomedical research and analysis capabilities in the world.

However, many leading research institutes, research hospital systems, labs, and other core clinical/scientific infrastructure face a major bottleneck when it comes to high-speed, ultrareliable, and highly secure data and epidemiological information exchange between peer institutions, domestically and, critically, regionally. Given the fundamentally international nature of this public health emergency with its most intense manifestations here in Asia, this bottleneck must be broken. Digital Realty is uniquely positioned and is directly addressing this acute unmet demand.

The Unique Strategic Value-Add of Data Center Players in Asia – Secure & Reliable Pipes with Platforms for De-Risked Critical Data Exchange

The Digital Realty team has been active in the field with the entire COVID-19 response ecosystem – from research institutes to clinical care providers to diagnostics manufacturers to supercomputing centers involved in high-dimensional data analysis. We have been told time and time again that concerns over data security and ultra-reliability of critical communications infrastructure is the major inhibitor of the type of scientific exchange and coordination which is absolutely required during this extraordinarily challenging period. We have listened and responded – Digital Realty is honored to provide a blueprint for an ultra-secure communication infrastructure which enables seamless and bulletproof channels for clinicians, scientists, fieldworkers, and others involved in fighting COVID-19 to share data, models, analysis, expert opinions, and other critical information without hesitation or concerns.

Just this week, Digital Realty launched Data Hub featuring NVIDIA DGXTM Systems, which enables the rapid deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads on PlatformDIGITAL™. The Data Hub solution accelerates digital transformation by removing data gravity barriers for enterprises and institutions:

The Partnership

  • Digital Realty offers an interconnected platform for customers to use NVIDIA DGX Systems, the world’s first purpose-built AI system to power your AI initiatives.
  • Avoid the cost of building your own data center AI infrastructure, and instead, access world-class data center services through colocation at Digital Realty.
  • NVIDIA DGX-1 delivers over 1 petaFLOPS of performance; NVIDIA DGX-2 delivers over 2 petaFLOPS.
  • Benefit from low latency and proximity to all major cloud providers.

These Digital Realty ‘Data Hubs’ across Asia and the Globe can also generate network effects between the abovementioned parties for new modes of collaboration and partnership – exactly the type of new unconventional thinking that’s needed to achieve victory over COVID-19.

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