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Macellan is a Technology Solution Agency based in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 2014, Macellan has been operating in Turkey, Canada and USA.

Macellan provides AI based Digital Archive, Biometric Signature, Fleet Management and Driver Safety Solutions to help corporates on their digital transformation journey.

Content from Macellan

Podcast: Turkey’s growth as a technology start-up ecosystem

Omer Wilson talks with Founder and CEO Göktürk Yetim and CMO Yakup Sari of Macellan, a digital solutions start up on Turkey’s growing technology status. Listen now..

Blog: Data transparency for digital transformation

buildings in clouds

Capturing digital transformation data is vital for small businesses. Creating a completely transparent and data-based business culture between departments saves significant time and costs. Read more…

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Yakup Sari
CMO, Macellan

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