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The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is a global leader of Internet Exchange Points (IXP). Its company ethos and aspirations result in constant growth and improvement in services. As a result, members have access to the most attractive peers at the lowest cost. With over 950 member ASNs connecting from over 80 different countries worldwide, LINX enables access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners. Using LINX allows a reliable exchange of traffic with increased routing control and improved performance. A not-for-profit organisation, LINX focuses on investing service and membership fees into strengthening LINX network services. This ensures infrastructure is as up-to-date as possible and that LINX remains at the forefront of the IXP industry. By doing so, this provides members with improved network performance, low latency and more control.

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Video: Deploying a Disaggregated Model on LINX’s LON2 Network using EVPN

Video: Migration of LINX’s LON2 Network to disaggregated model now complete

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