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The Korea Data Center Council (KDCC) is the representative association of Korea’s data center industries. It was established in 2017.
KDCC’s goal is to strengthen the basis of Korea’s data center and data center related industries.
To that end, KDCC is working to develop government policies as well as data center industry standards.

The 4 key activities of KDCC

Representation of Data Center Industry

Serve as Korea’s data center industry representative and organize events and seminars in the data center field for members and other stakeholders.

Policy Planning

Set policies for the development of data center industries and improve regulations on business, together with the Ministry of Science and ICT.

ISO/IEC Standardization

Support ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 39 standardization and development in the data center field (Data centers and service provisioning – sustainability, resource efficiency and resilience)

Green Data Center Certification

Develop and operate Green Data Center Certification Programs to help improve data center energy efficiency and reduce national energy consumption.

Representation of Data Center Industry

  • Assists international companies with getting established in, and finding partners from, Korea
  • Creates business opportunities
  • Helps to recruit and find specialists in the data center field
  • Enables knowledge sharing
  • Promotes its members
  • Promotes the skills available in Korea, in the data center field
  • Increases awareness of Korea as the home for data center business

Members of KDCC include

  • ICT and facility equipment companies for data centers
  • ICT and Cloud service providers
  • Professionals involved in data center industries in Korea
  • Standardization bodies in Korea
  • Government agencies with connection to data centers as well as data center related regulators

Membership Benefit

    • Consulting complaints about difficulties, disadvantages, etc. in the process of carrying out business
    • On behalf of the data center industry and members, submit a request for corrective action or a recommendation for improvement
    • Improving laws and systems to find and resolve improvements in regulations related to the data center industry and business progress
    • Organization of consultative bodies(subcommittee) and participation in operations/members by groups of homogeneous industry units
    • Conference, exhibition and seminar to share information and strengthen network
    • Data center industry statistics, policy data, industry trends, etc. Support various information and data necessary to carry out members business

Content from KDCC

This exclusive report examines the current status and prospects of private data centres in Korea.

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Joonhwa Song
Chief Researcher, KDCC

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