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China Broadband Communications (CBC) is a network technology service company founded in Beijing in 2008, with initial private funding by China Broadband Capital.

Over the years, CBC has built a successful business and service model to provide networking technology, services and solutions to Fortune’s Global 500 companies and China Enterprises, addressing their networking challenges globally. Its portfolio of services has expanded beyond the traditional networking services such as MPLS, Internet and DC services, to a Network-as-a-service (NaaS) portfolio including SD-WAN, Multi-cloud Networking, IT and Cloud Managed Services.

CBC established an R&D team in 2017 to develop its own SD-WAN platform with 18 patents, to strengthen its network offering. In 2020,CBC received its series A funding of near to US$ 100 Million from Fortune Capita, a market oriented venture capitalist specialising in technology, to deepen its R&D effort and to expand its market reach globally, beyond China. The company has presence in Beijing (Headquarters), Shanghai, Suzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Jack Wang
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