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The global market for cloud computing started growing in early 2010 – and hasn’t looked back since. Spending on cloud services continues to grow at compounded annual rates, and the industry has generated millions of new jobs worldwide. New innovation is being created every day with the potential and power that the cloud gives to everyone – enterprises, small businesses, and the individual. Cloud computing, once considered as a possible fad, has proven itself clearly to be a new and major trend in computing. Going forward, it is also very likely to prove itself a major game-changer for businesses.

While several global industry consortia, including the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), are actively involved in making cloud computing a reality by addressing the needs for common platforms, the ACCA is the only one doing so with a focus on the opportunities and issues in Asia Pacific (APAC).

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White Paper: Cloud Readiness Index 2020

Gain clear insight into the state of cloud technology within APAC, including the use of remote access technologies and economic preparedness, with this exclusive report from the ACCA. Read more…

Podcast: APAC’s Cloud Readiness Index 2020

Omer Wilson talks with May-Ann Lim, Executive Director at Asia Cloud Computing Association, on the recently published Cloud Readiness Index Report for 2020. Listen now…

Podcast: Cloud Adoption and Growth in South East Asia

Omer Wilson talks with May-Ann Lim, Executive Director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association, on cloud adoption and growth in Southeast Asia. Listen now…

Dowload: Minutes from Carrier Community event | Singapore 2018

Download the keynotes from the fantastic line-up of speakers featuring at the Digital Realty Carriers event in Singapore. Read more…

Blog: APAC: leading cloud-readiness in 2018

Singapore is the most cloud-ready region in the Asia-Pacific (APAC). The city state overtook previous number one Hong Kong in the latest iteration of Asia Cloud Computing Association’s (ACCA) Cloud Readiness Index (CRI). Read more…

Blog: Balancing digitisation and national security – growth pains galore

Earlier this month, I was invited to moderate a panel discussion in Jakarta on the Indonesian Government’s Regulation no. 82 (GR82), announced in October 2012. Read more…

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